The company "Deneb" is the leader of the market of soft drinks in the North Caucasus. The largest producer in the region with a location in the Republic of Dagestan. The Deneb plant was founded in 1997. At that time, the first and only manufacturer of soft drinks in plastic containers.

From the moment of its foundation to the present day, Deneb remains not only the largest player in its industry, but also the showcase of all the big business in Dagestan.

The production capacity of the plant is constantly updated. Today, our four lines from industry giants such as Sidel, KHS, AF, Bardi allow us to produce 30,000 bottles per hour (!)

Our own research center is constantly in the process of developing new flavors and improving the quality of our products.

Our own logistics chain and distribution channels allow us to ensure uninterrupted supply of our products to all our counterparties. The plant's own fleet of large and small trucks is more than 100 vehicles. By the beginning of 2021, Deneb's regional distribution network includes 26 companies. The most remote of them is located in Ussuriysk.


The company employs more than 400 specialists, whose competencies and skills are systematically improved as part of corporate employee development programs.

In 2021, the product range includes more than 120 items, which are aimed at different customer audiences and purchasing power.

A special pride of the company is still water "Gornaya", which is the market leader in pure still water and has become a common name for all bottled water in the republic. "Gornaya" originates in the glaciers of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, passes through 6 stages of purification and ozonation. This year, Deneb presents an updated line of Gornaya bottles, which is preceded by a large-scale promotional campaign.